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Planting Ideas to Boost Your Garage’s Curb Appeal

The sides of a garage door and a space alongside a garage wall are often tough spots to plant. They can feature compacted soil and limited planting space and yet — depending on the location of your garage — they can be fairly prominent in a front yard’s design.

If you’re struggling with this area, take a look at these 10 ideas for planting along the garage. In each example, the plants help soften the building and tie it into the larger landscape, boosting the overall curb appeal of the home.


Try colorful, tough perennials and succulents. Drought-tolerant plants are always a great choice for Southern California, and there are colorful ones to spruce up your home.





Consider ornamental grasses. Many of these tough, drought-tolerant options work nicely with the home styles we see here.






Look into a garage-framing trellis. To give garage plantings — and your home’s curb appeal — a boost, consider adding permanent trellising up and over the garage door.





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