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5 Tips to Win Trust and Business

Jill Grano is successful, in part, because she’s open and approachable. Here are some of her top tips to build client relationships that last:

1. Be the expert. Buyers and sellers will react to personal knowledge and expertise more than anything. Walk through and get to know the inventory, and don’t rely on online photos to tell the story. The Internet is just a crutch.

2. Give back. Engage in community work you’re passionate about. As a bonus, the time you dedicate connects you with influential leaders and potential customers.

3. Act intentionally. Analysis paralysis is the enemy in real estate. If you’re wondering if attending an event will be worth your time, the answer is probably yes. Don’t overthink it; just go and do it.

4. Be collaborative.When it comes to working with other agents, earn a reputation for being easy to work with. Think collaboration, not competition.

5. Nurture relationships. Real estate is all about relationships – work hard to foster them in all areas of your personal and professional life.

Courtesy of Above, the RE/MAX Magazine, from “Her Approach: Get Out And Go!” by Camille Wilson.